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LINE FILTER รุ่น 8090 series Signal line filters 100-250 VDC


Product Range

Type Rated voltage Rated current Outline drawing Band pass Typical applications
8090-2-0.3-20kHz 250VDC 2x0.3A 1 0-20kHz Telephone, fax
8090-2-1-100kHz 250VAC 2x1A 1 0-100kHz Control, Voice,.
8090-1-1-6MHz 100VDC 1x1A 2 0-6MHz Video signal.
8090-2-1-6MHz 100VDC 2x1A 3 0-6MHz Special fire alarm

Note: Please specify number of control line and current volume if control lines are more than 2 or current is bigger than 1A.