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Product Category

>> AC Current Measurements
• universally applicable for all customary digital multimeters, digital clamp meters and scopemeters via 4 mm safety plugs
• high fl exibility for narrow measuring points, large cable crosssections and for clamping several conductors
• simple closing mechanism which can be operated with gloves
• green LED for stand-by mode, red LED for battery undervoltage
• measuring category CAT III 600 V
• including protective pouch and batteries
• large 4-digit LC display with illumination
• TRUE RMS measuring method for industrial applications
• direct display of the current intensity in amperes
• safe operation with a distance of 1.8 m to the measuring point
• memory of measured values (HOLD/ MIN/MAX)
• automatic switch-off („APO“), can be disabled
• battery low-voltage indication
• measuring category CAT IV 600 V
• including protective pouch and batteries