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>> เครื่องวัดไฟฟ้า  
>> Volt Tester   [4]
• voltage testing up to 1000 V AC TRUE RMS/1200 V DC
• TRUE RMS measuring method
• low-volt range: 1.0 V to 11.9 V
• frequency indication up to 1000 Hz
• resistance measurement up to 300 kΩ
• conducting-state voltage measurement of diodes
• automatic LC display illumination by means of a light sensor
• acoustic continuity test with loud test buzzer and visual indication by means of yellow LED
• measuring point illumination by means of white high-power LED
• phase sequence test by means of green LED (left/right)
• detector for non-contact localization of cable breaks on exposed and live lines
• safe voltage testing up to 1000 V AC/DC
• direct display without actuating a push-button (high-impedance testing)
• load connection via push-button (low-impedance testing)
• battery-independent voltage indication from 50 V AC/DC on
• vibration alert in the test handle
• robust round housing with rubberized gripping surface for outdoor use (protection category IP 65)
• tested and approved in compliance with the current DIN EN 61243-3 (VDE 0682-401):2011 standard
• continuity and semiconductor test by means of LEDs and loud test buzzer
• visual indication by means of three LED steps: 0 to 100 /1 k/10 k
 • acoustic indication via test buzzer up to approx. 100 
• external-voltage indication: 6 V to 400 V (LEDs / test buzzer)
• polarity test, single-pole external conductor test (phase) and non-contact cable break detector
• precise and powerful LED torch
• buzzer volume and brightness of the LED torch are individually adjustable
• integrated magnetic holder and belt clip at the rear of the housing
• indication of „clockwise“ and „counter-clockwise“ phase sequence by means of green / red LED
• indication of phase voltages L1, L2 and L3 by means of red LED
• voltage range: 400 V to 500 V AC (50 Hz to 60 Hz)
• luminous high-power LED torch
• integrated magnetic holder and belt clip at the rear of the housing
• including set of 4 mm test probes and alligator clip