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Electromagnetic Flow meter FLOW38
It is an induction flow meter in full stainless steel
Flow Switch FS10/11/15/20
The flow switch is made in four versions as follows: FS 10 – 1× status output (depending on flow velocity) FS 11 – 2× status output (depending on flow velocity) FS 15 – 2× status output (1× depending on flow velocity and 1× on temperature) FS 20 – 1× status output and 1× current output (depending on flow velocity)
Electromagnetic Flow meter FLOW37
The FLOW 37 compact induction flow meter is designed for exact measurement of various fluids during the batching process, namely their lower amounts with a very high accuracy and repeatability of 0.1%. Possible applications are such as filling bottles, cups and pots with dairy products or with other products intended for sale.
Electromagnetic Flow meter FLOW33
The compact FLOW 33 meter without display was developed for demanding technological processes in various industries with the temperature of medium up to 90°C. Thanks to its unique construction of stainless steel, it is ideal wherever long-term service life is required also in very demanding conditions of heavy industry.
Electromagnetic Flow meter FLOW33EX
The compact FLOW 33Ex induction flow meter has been developed by modification of the FLOW 33 and it has been modified for application in mines with explosion hazard so it is intrinsically safe. Owing to this, both of the versions have certificates for such applications even without display.